Effective 2020 - The Finger Lakes Triathlon Has Shut Down

Thank You All So Much For A Wonderful 17 Years!!



Our Goal



We would not be able to run this triathlon without wonderful volunteers. If you can’t compete in the race, then being a volunteer is the best way to still be part of the excitement. If you are interested in volunteering for the adult races (Sunday September 8th) and/or kid's race (Saturday September 7th) , please contact Tom Wilmarth at Thomas.wilmarth@rochesterregional.org  

Below is the basic volunteer guide that we use for the adult races so that you can get an idea of what it’s like.  If you are interested in volunteering for the kid's triathlon please plan on being at the race site by 9:00 am On Saturday September 10th and you will be given your job.

 WHERE: Volunteer tent on the lake side of the new hotel under construction near the Canandaigua Lady boat launch dock (CLICK HERE for map).  PLEASE PARK AT PARKWAY PLAZA ON RT 5&20 AND WALK TO STEAMBOAT LANDING!!

Once you arrive at the volunteer tent you will check in and be assigned your job and given you instructions.

If you would like to be assigned a job with a partner (wife, friend, child, etc) please make sure that you are all together when checking in and tell them that.

If you have a preferred job (see below) then get there at the correct time and tell the coordinator your preference. Please understand that you may not get your preferred job as we have to put people where we need them and when at that moment so that the race runs smoothly and SAFELY. Also, you likely will be asked to do multiple jobs if they are not long ones (i.e. body markers then go become swim counters etc.) It’s a MAJOR task organizing the volunteers, so please respect that, please be flexible and PLEASE be nice to the coordinators.


All volunteers must be at the volunteer tent by 6:00 a.m. at the latest! (5:00 a.m. SHARP if you are a doing body marking, parking, transition area patrol or registration). The earlier that you get there the better (you have to get up early anyhow)!!


Please note that there may be some “down time” between checking in and your assignment starting. You may be assigned small jobs during this time, but please stay near the volunteer tent enjoying the “spectacle” with some coffee and donuts until your job starts (it’s a very exciting & fun atmosphere if you have never been to one).


(There are lots of jobs, but here are the basics. Again, please be prepared to be flexible and go where needed)
Parking Marshal

Don’t allow anyone without a parking pass to park in Steamboat Landing
Body Marker
Properly mark all athletes with body markings. You will be given an instruction sheet. Yes this job means writing on people’s bodies with a marker! This is one of the more fun jobs in my opinion – lots of laughing and excitement.
Guide athletes to the registration tent and help get them their stuff.
Transition Area Control: Ensure only registered athletes enter the TA (i.e. they have their number and have been body marked). Close down TA
Swim Corral Counters (outer corral, inner corral, exit count): Simply put – counting swimmers and reporting it to race official. We need to make sure that the same number comes out that went in – pretty important job obviously!
Bike Course Marshal

This is the biggest need job. You will be stationed at one of the turns on the bike course. Your responsibility will be to guide athletes to “TURN HERE” by hand a voice signals (while also cheering them on). You are also responsible for reporting any emergency issues that you see on the course. We will have transportation to take you to your spot and pick you if needed or you may get your assignment and drive there yourself if you want. You will be released from your post by a race marshal once all bikers have left the course. YOU ARE THE EYES AND EARS OF THE BIKE COURSE – WHICH STRETCHES OUT MANY MILES FROM “COMMAND CENTRAL.” I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU BRING A CHAIR AND SOME DRINKS ETC.
Run Course Marshal
Guide and cheer the runners through the course.
Finish Line
(4 needed):
Cut off timing chip when they cross finish line and give to race official. Hand out water.
Setup and manage the lunch line when athletes and volunteers are getting their food and help clean up after.
Clean up: Self-explanatory and important
Radio Team Any experienced radio operators are needed for our communications team.  If interested yuo can contact Tom Sanders with the Squaw Island Amateur Radio Club at sanders5@frontiernet.net

*Please note that I have left off lifeguards, swim marshals & medics from this list as those are specialized positions. Please let me know if you are qualified for these jobs as they are CRITICAL.